Model Review – Studying for a Course


I’m studying for a course and I’m finding that I always end up exceeding the time limits I schedule for myself to study. This is affecting other aspects of my life – rest time, other things I want to do & work on.

C: Scheduled to complete studying Lesson 4 from 7pm-8pm today; Starting studying at 7pm.
T: I need to make sure I get everything I can from this material.
F: Urge (I’m not sure if “Compulsive” is a feeling, but if it is, “Compulsive” feels truer to me)
A: I continued studying beyond 8pm (till 9pm), since I was making sure I reviewed every detail & that I didn’t miss anything from the Lesson. I didn’t stick to my calendar, and I delayed my dinner time. In my mind, I was repeating to myself what I was studying, to make sure I was absorbing everything I could from the Lesson.

I’m not sure about the R, because it feels to me that I do “get everything I can” from the material I study, but I don’t like how me studying in this way (i.e., a compulsive energy needing to make sure I’m not missing anything as I’m studying) is affecting other aspects of my life.