Model – rushed mornings

Hi, can you help me with my Model. My mornings are very rushed, and I want to have a different kind of morning. I think it has more to do with my A-line than my T-line…. but would love any coaching on how to have a non-rushed morning.

C: rushed mornings
T: This is not helpful and it needs to change
F: stressed
A: I scream, shout, yell, get my kids nervous, I don’t give kisses and encouragements for a new day, I’m creating fear and stress and then I beat myself up
R: I create a negative experience for me and my kids

I feel like the way to change this is to change my A- line: If I get up earlier and if I make my kids snacks the night before, it will be a less rushed morning. But I’m also not really doing that. I’ve never been consistent with that before. I do things for a few days and then stop.