Model – September Work

I could use some help with my model and perhaps bridge thoughts. Thank you!

C – Starting coaching business
T – I hate that I self-sabotage and don’t start anything, feel like a failure
F – Defeat, embarrassed
A – I buffer with TV and food, no action, ruminate on my procrastination
R – I self-sabotage, no traction with starting my business, I continue to feel like a failure and as a result, I don’t accomplish anything

C – Starting my coaching business
T – There’s no reason why I can’t do this, I am smart and capable
F – Courageous
A – Ask coach for help, Identify and get clear on what I need to do, continue to be the watcher of my thoughts and be cognizant of how it is crippling my ability to take action
R – I achieve my goal of identifying and getting clear on what I need to do then take massive action

C – I was advised by a tax advisor to form my LLC next year
T – This was my goal for this month for starting my business and now I don’t know what to do
F – Discouraged
A – No action
R – No clear goals on what actions I should take for my business this year

C – I was advised by a tax advisor to form my LLC next year
T – I won’t form my LLC now but I can do other things in between to work towards my business
F – Hopeful
A – Schedule a session with a coach
R –