Model stall out

On Sunday, the day after tomorrow, my boyfriend of two years is coming over to meet my kids. I’ve been divorced for 6 years but this will be the first person they meet. They hate the entire idea and have been very clear that they never want to meet him. I’m dreading it, and I have lots of thoughts that I know are contributing to that. But I can’t seem to take them anywhere past the “feeling” line.
T: I’m not sure I want someone new in our little world
F: Apprehension

T: I don’t want to make things harder for my kids
F: guilt
A: ???

T: This is going to suck
F: dread
A: ???

I’m still going to go through with the meeting, so I don’t know if it even matters, but I’m not sure why I can’t come up with any actions for these thoughts. My actions seemingly will be the same whether I continue with these thoughts or focus on somewhat more optimistic ones. I’m going to force my kids to meet him and then deal with the inevitable fallout. I have quite stubborn kids. :/