Model starting with the R line

I’m writing a graphic novel and I see that what I’m producing so far is a bit complicated to understand for the reader. I want the concepts to be very simple and be presented in a clear way, so that it’s a clear graphic novel, easy to read, and fun.
I want to focus on this goal today when I work on it during my focus time.
This is my model. I have put “I finish the chapter I want” in the R Line.

C focus time from 9:30 am to 11:30 am
T I create a chapter that is easy to understand
F focus
A I simplify the text and the action, I create clear panels, I put more space between the drawings, I don’t refine, i work at it being concentrated about my goal
R I finish the chapter I want

Time to practice now.
I would love to hear your feedback about the method because I’m not used to creating models starting with the R line. Thank you!