Model- Thought: I am not a morning person

Please advise if my intentional models are correct starting by a thought “I am not a morning person”

Example 1:

C I stay in bed late at weekends, even when I wake up early
T I am not a morning person
F demoralized
A I scroll on my phone all morning, I don’t exercise, I delay house chores.
R I don’t have free time with the kids as I have to do all jobs that could have been done in the morning while they watch TV.

Example 2:

C I get up too late to practice a new morning routine before heading to work.
T I am not a morning person
F Defeated
A I press snooze button, I don’t try anymore to set up my alarm early, I rush to get ready to be on time for work.
R I have failed to implement morning routine (Meditation/Affirmation/Visualization/Exercising/Reading/Journaling) for the last 10 years

Thanks for your help.