Model today

So today i noticed two behaviours of my bf that annoy me. The first one i handle pretty well thanks of scolars. We went to a local church here in southafrica and he felt really uncomfortable. I did too. But i turned it around and he remained scared etc. The old me would have tried to change him because i need a man that is braver, cheerful etc. But instead i told myself he also is just a human and he has is 50% bad stuff happening to him. And choose took his hand and told myself’ you can love him no matter what.

But the second one i did not handle that good. Here comes my model:
C: boyfriend said something
T: ough, he is sl exagerating, he’s not funny, so emberassing. He says/does things too much. Not naturale.
F: emberassed, resentful, disgust
A: act annoyed, saying hurtful things
R: hurting our relationship

I noticed in that moment how i felt/thought. But i couldn’t stop myself..
I just noticed how i find him so much more attractiv when he is “normal” and doesnt act like that.
Mostly when he drank too much haha.

Any ideas for an intentional model here?

Thanks so much!!