Model – unfocused

I would like your help in these models. I am a dreamer person, when someone talks to me, I can easily leave the conversation and go in my thought, linked or not with our discussion.
First CTFAR:
C I gave a wrong number to my boss
T shit, as always, I made mistakes, I am not focused
F useless
A continue to make mistakes

Intentional model
C I gave a wrong number to my boss
T So what? I will verify my numbers before talking next time
F Anxious
A Don’t verify numbers
R continue to make mistakes
As you can see, it is not positive. Don’t know what should I think about it, to make the change. It is like the T should be on A, but what should I think then?

It leads me to the fact that I am a dreamer.
so here are my models
C I dream easily
T It does not help me to focus
F defeatist
A no focus on my work
R mistakes, no accountability with bosses

Intentional mode
C i dream
T Love it, it helps me bring new creative ideas
F passionate
R create stuff
But then, this model does not solve my issues of no focusing and making mistakes.

Thank you for your help.