model what is my feeling?

In most of my models that I do on my husband my feeling is anger. I am trying to go under the feeling of anger but usually have a difficult time determining a deeper feeling. I look at the feelings list and it is still difficult to figure it out. Thank you for your guidance

C stated my opinion to my husband wait on doing a project around the house
T He is putting the cart before the horse
F logical?
A I responded in an angry tone to my husband saying he was going to go and buy stuff to start this project around our home. We have limited space in our condo. I stated my opinion of delaying it until the first part that he needs gets here in a few weeks and we have two other things we need space for that we are doing. I apologized that I “yelled at him and that I think it is logical to wait” What I did not do was NOT say something and just agree with him. I did sort of blow up initially.
R I stated m opinion and the project got delayed.