Model Work, A and R

I need help with the the A and R line in the model. Most of the time I struggle with what I put in my A and R line and wonder if what I do put is correct. What are some questions that I could be asking myself to help me understand my actions and result clearer ? Here are 2 of my models I’ve been struggling to work through.

Model 1:
C: Its Day 35 of social distancing
T: I really hope I’ll be able to meet up with friends and family in person this year.
F: depressed
A: cry. sleep alot.
R:I don’t meet up with friends and family
( Just a side note on model 1, I have been reaching out to my friends and family by phone and zoom. The topics that come up the most in the conversations are around having enough food, having money, my grandma having a zoom account, or having a job. When one of my friends or family members is stressing over or lacking in any of the previous topics in almost all of our conversations, I think our relationship is falling apart. They tend not to want to talk as much or they ruminate over the things that this social distancing has caused. I live alone so talking very little or talking to someone who is stressed when I really would like to hear something positive, my thought is alot of people are hurting right now. In turn I feel more depressed. )

Model 2:
C: Two out of 5 scheduled tasks for Monday were completed in 12 hours.
T: I really need to learn how to move on to the next task.
F: Fustrated
A: I say things that are beating me up like- you really need to get a handle on this, it shouldn’t have taken 8 hours to do the first task, others could’ve done it faster, do you even know what your doing,the second task should’ve been done in 2 hours tops, you’re wasting time.
R: I don’t feel like looking for ways to schedule tasks

(Side note on model 2: I want to believe that I can break down tasks efficiently so I don’t spend more time than the time I’ve scheduled for the task. I’ve tried keeping track of how long on average it takes me to do a task so I schedule enough time to get the task done. I’ve tried breaking a big task (one that I think that will take more than an hour) down but when I start on one of the smaller tasks I also start on another smaller tasks not knowing beforehand that I need to do both at the same time in order to move forward in completing another small task related to the overall big task. )