AM- model work on breaking drink plan- how fast to cut down

I just started in August- 3 month listener-working to eliminate weekday drinking. Typically I was 3-4 glasses of wine/evening.
I would like a time frame of how quickly to reduce?
I have given myself skip days and yesterday was supposed to be a 2nd in a row skip day and I ended up having two glasses. I did the worksheet AND tried some model work on some info revealed. I would like some help with this.
C- wine
T “There’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass of wine making dinner” “I want a glass of wine”
F justified
A Drank wine
R Broke protocol/didn’t stick to plan

So to do this intentional model I started with the ACTION- because I want it to be that I DON’T drink the wine. AND I want the results to be that I stick to the plan and keep plans I make with myself. I was able to come up with feelings that would be needed for the A and R- but got a little stuck with believable thoughts. I’m going to list several I came up with. None of them seem so great- compelling-
T-( I left this blank to the end to try and work backward) “You need to follow the rules to get to your dream”,”It will taste better on Friday when it’s on the plan” You deserve to stick to your plan. your kids should see you make dinner without a glass of wine in hand.
F determined, strong, loyal (to myself)
A don’t drink the wine
R-Stick to protocol- keep promise to myself