Model work-EH

Is it right to ask further of the thought, “what are you making it mean?”

C: I’m in the running for a job
T: Someone else may get the job
F: anxious
A: overeat
R: gain weight

I take that thought, and do the equation below:
1: someone else may get the job –> and I ask “what am I making that mean?” –> x person might get the job –> I’m not going to have this job –> my life is going to change –> my life is going to worse –> I’m not going to be okay, which leads to me feeling anxious.

when I could interrupt the “my life is going to change” –> I have many options –> I can still who up the best that I can.

Kind of like taking the thought and continuously asking “so what” “so what” until it plays itself out.

Is this the right direction to take?