Model work on guilt

I’ve been looking at the feeling of guilt and reading up about it. It seems like guilt is a feeling after a negative feeling like anger, impatience, etc. It’s like there is a model before the guilt model.

For example-
C – Getting ready in the morning
T – My son better hurry up or he will be late
F – angry and impatient
A – start yelling
R – son is late because he shut down due to my yelling

Then the guilt model:
C – yelled at son
T – I hate yelling at him in the morning
F – Guilt
A – beat myself up
R – hate yelling

So it seems that the feeling of guilt comes after the first model where I felt angry and impatient

The new model:
C – getting ready in the morning
T – things go smoother when I am calmer
F – calm
A – give son warnings when he has 30 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes to leave
R – things go smoother in the morning

So if the first model was the precursor to the guilt then working a new model on the thoughts about getting ready in the morning is the best way to work with guilt?