Model – Work Situation

Hi Brooke,
I have done many models on this situation at work. Surprisingly, I still feel that I can be somehow by harmed by this colleague. Having a hard time getting that it is my thoughts only. Could it be that there is something to it and I do have to be cautious of this person? There was a third person in the room where the conversation took place who when asked by my male colleague said that he spoke to me in a very rough way. Is there a line that is drawn somewhere when a male colleague is verbally very aggressive with me after working on my thoughts first? I am very interested to understand this better. Also, I don’t believe my intentional thought below and think that even if I can handle his behavior, he may act-out with someone else and damage the project (which I know is another thought. I am not clear given that he has been acting out aggressively consistently with many people at work and in many circumstances). Here is one of the many models I did:
C Conversation with C and B about project
T He communicate with me in an aggressive way
F Angry
A Protect myself with words
R I spoke in a negative manner part of the time during the conversation (when I got triggered)

Intentional Thought Pattern
C Conversation with C and B about project
T I can handle this situation and any situation that is in front of me with clarity and confidence
F Empowered
A I make decisions according to what is best to do and the results that I am looking for. I know I can learn to handle his behavior if needed
R I make the right decision for me about next steps with the project and have a can do attitude regarding managing his behavior

I know that this is a great opportunity to continue to step it up with the model and learn to manage more challenging thoughts for me. Committed not to miss out on the great learning from this situation.Thanks for helping me clarify!