The model worked on my son!

Hello! I am super happy to report that I helped my son through something that I have noticed escalating his behavior for a while. My son Bo is the middle child. The first and third child look alike and are a lot alike. Bo is different from them. He is a lover, goofy, funny guy, etc. He is also wants approval from others. He started to show more behaviors, esp when the other two bothers don’t want to play with him or give him a hug, etc. I thought he wanted attention however when we did the model we found that his thought was “Nash likes Jack more than me.” Broke my heart but I see it and I know what he is talking about. We worked through it and talked about how we can’t make people like us, etc. etc. We talked about how we can change our thoughts tho and so we changed his thought to “I know Nash loves me.” and we changed his feelings, actions, etc. It was amazing!
Just thought I would share!