The Model Works (Well, Duh)!

Hi Brooke,

I signed up for SCS about a week ago and within a few days I was eye balls deep in the Stop Overeating materials. Food has always been a crutch for me so as soon as I heard the suggestion to stop eating sugar and flour I had so many fearful thoughts wash over me. Since then, I’ve experienced bouts of anxiety and fear multiple times a day when ever considering actually following a protocol and daily I’ve tried to just let myself feel those emotions, as sucky as they were.

Well, this morning when the usual wave of emotions visited I thought a brand new thought, “Its ok, it’s supposed to feel this way”, and instantly I felt acceptance and sooo calm. It was incredible! So here’s my new model:

C: changing my diet
T: it’s ok if it feels uncomfortable, it’s supposed to feel that way
F: Acceptance, calmness, willingness
A: I’ll proceed with a new protocol
R: I’ll sometimes feel uncomfortable, but I’m ok with that

Thank you SO much for everything you teach us! <3