Hey Brooke! So excited that I recently reached VIP status, woot woot! Loving being here in SCS. I have an unintentional and intentional model to share with you. Are there any changes that need to be made? The last model is a laddering though- any suggestions that may be a more neutral thought? Thank you!

C- Money
T – There is not enough money.
F- Scarcity
A- Overspend, spin over thoughts, beat myself up for spending, penny pinch, not have gratitude for what I have
R- Not enough

C- Money
T- I have all the money I need to do the things I want.
F- Abundance, generosity
A- Save, decide what to spend my money on ahead of time, give, have gratitude
R- Have money

C- Money
T- There is some money available to me. (Others – There are times where there is enough. I will someday have more than enough.)
A- Prove there is some money available
R- Have some money