Modeling Myself

I’m having a difficult time getting started with a model(s) on myself. I’m approaching it from a perspective that I need to solve a problem but then I think I don’t really have a pervasive problem that I don’t already know the reason/ cause. I’ll begin a model with a circumstance and get to the thought line and the actions seem to be showing a pattern of inaction/withdrawal. Simple example is C-husband says he’s going to work in Sunday, T- he’s leaving household obligations to me and de-prioritizing me, F-resentment, A-withdraw, R-???? I would say there is no result because I don’t communicate my feelings knowing they are illogical, yet I still feel resentment. I’m at the point where I have mentally modeled so much that I have the unconscious thought and associated feeling but stop myself there so as not take it any further and cause unwanted results. How can I move past this?