Modeling self-love

I was trying to model the following–and got muddled with the C-line. Can concept of self be in the C-line? Also, if noticing self-judgment, can we go directly to the IM, putting our T about what we want in the C-line and R-line as a goal?

I don’t feel enough self-love
I feel sad when I don’t feel enough self-love
So, I want to feel more self-love. I want to get rid of the additional layer of pain I feel when I judge myself.

What questions may I ask myself for further clarity? Is my C-correct? Can a T ever be in the C-line, as in I want to feel more self-love? any other suggestions for my R-line?

C–Me, myself
T–I don’t feel enough self-love
A—withdraw; cry; don’t engage with others; don’t do things I usually enjoy, engage in negative self-talk
R–I perpetuate an experience of myself where I don’t love myself.

C–me, myself
T: I’m perfect just the way I am.
F: cheerful
A: I interact freely with others, engage in my interests, socialize
R: I create an experience for myself where I feel accepted as I am.