Model\New Thought help: "I always have to clean my plate."

Last night my boyfriend and I cooked dinner together and decided to watch a movie. In an attempt to avoid overeating, I cut my steak in half and put half in the refrigerator. I ate half of that half, some of my baked potato and green beans and started to feel full but continued to finish the steak. I set my plate aside and continued watching the movie. About halfway through the movie, even though I was not hungry, I went to the kitchen and reheated the potato and green beans and finished them.

I finished the movie, but felt extremely full and was curious about why I overate, so I did a thought download and had an epiphany that I still believed what I was taught as a child – that I had to clean my plate. I

C: There’s more food on the plate.
T: I always have to clean my plate.
F: Ungrateful
A: Eat the food despite being full.
R: Feel overstuffed, guilty and disappointed

So attempting a intentional model…

C: There’s more food on my plate.
T: I can save this for later.

I stopped there because writing that out, my thoughts immediately went to “No you can’t.” ” That’s not true. ” “Why would you save half of a potato and some green beans, that’s stupid.” ” You can’t waste that food” etc. etc. etc.

I want to change this belief system but obviously my brain is fighting that thought. Are there other thoughts that can gateway into that one of should undo work on the other thoughts that come up when I try to think “You can save that for later.”

Thanks so much!