Models 11.14.19

Hi Coach! Thank you in advance!
One of my colleagues is on the edge of a burnout and asked me for some help on her models. I replied to her with some insights on how doing models and suggested her to work on new ones. She replied me back the following day saying she was not doing great and could not find the time to work on that topic.
C I am reading Laura’s email
T My response was maybe too pushy for her
F Embarrassed (To me, embarrassement is an indulging emotion as it does not take me anywhere, could you please confirm?)
A My heart is beating fast and I start regretting the email I sent her out by making hypothesis that she didn’t like it.
R I move myself away from my objective of replying to my colleague

C I am reading Laura’s email
T Her response is neutral
F Determined
A I feel some heat in my chest and start typing an answer. I change it 3 times to find the right words and the right articulation to tell her I will always avaialble if she needs help.I reply to my colleague
R I reply to my colleague