I am having trouble with Models. I don’t think it is so much actually filling them in, but maybe understanding how filling one in helps me change that feeling/thought. I recently saw how you do the unintentional model and then the intentional model, I wasn’t aware of this before. When doing the intentional model, how can I learn to bridge my thoughts over to start thinking more toward the intentional model?

I want to think better about my relationship with my partner. Right now I feel like all we do is argue and when I’m not around him I have slight excitement to see him and then when we get together feel very guarded and he will do something to annoy me and then I’m just bitchy. I feel like I’ve started to pay attention to my thoughts more. For example, when we are sitting on the couch, I will think to cuddle with him but right before that he may have said something to annoy me and I know I don’t want to feel annoyed anymore and I want to feel connected but I stop myself from taking action to cuddle. I will keep telling myself to just do it but I stop myself because I still have the feeling of being annoyed with him as well. Am I broken lol.