Models About Implementing Monday Hour One

After months of resisting Monday Hour One, I have finally watched the videos in the study vault and am genuinely considering implementation because my future self tells me that the MHO concepts will be key to achieving my impossible goal (which is to make $100k in my new business).  Here are my models this morning:

T – I won’t be able to spontaneously say “yes” to invitations from my boyfriend (BF) to spend the day together, and I love being able to do that
F – Defensive
A – Get stuck in “all or nothing” thinking, buffer to avoid feelings of dissonance (I know I should be doing this but I don’t want to…), avoid implementing MHO on any level, don’t discuss with BF, potentially resent BF for interfering with my progress, routinely experience unease about how I’m spending my time
R – I fail ahead of time at implementing MHO

T – I want to enjoy my personal time without guilt and create the business of my dreams
F – Committed
A – Talk to BF about my desire to implement this program and my reasons why, allow myself to take small steps, trust inner wisdom while experimenting and gathering data each week, iterate implementation of MHO thoughtfully week by week, prioritize personal time and sustainability
R – I find an effective way to apply MHO to my life and become fluent in practicing it

For some additional context, I do not have a typical M-F work schedule. I am currently self-employed and my primary income is from a business in which I travel and work crazy hours roughly half the weeks of the year and am free to do as I wish the rest of the time. So I struggle with the idea of losing the flexibility I’ve enjoyed so much in my free time… but I also really want to start transitioning from this existing business to my new one, which will require consistently using some of this “free time” to build the new venture.  I would love some input on where my blind spots are in this! Thank you in advance, coaches!