Models about Self-Coaching

Hello, I noticed I have some thoughts that are actually getting in the way of me doing self-coaching. Could you please review & offer feedback?

UM –
C: Daily scheduled time for self-coaching
T: My brain is a mess
F: Overwhelmed
A: I think a lot about how my brain is a mess, and about all the thoughts in my brain that “need fixing”. I doubt my self-coaching & whether it’s working. I don’t actually prioritize doing self-coaching daily — more so every 2-3 days. When I do self-coaching, I usually do just journaling / thought downloads, and only sometimes actually do models.
R: I create a mess in my brain.

IM –
C: Same
T: My brain is a work-in-progress
F: Neutral
A: Not ruminating about & judging my brain and my thoughts, but actually prioritizing doing self-coaching & models daily. Taking self-coaching one thought at a time, versus getting caught up in the overwhelm.
R: I allow myself to progress in my self-coaching.

Ultimately, I’d like to think of my brain as being my sharpest tool, versus it being a mess. But, that seems too big of a jump at the moment. Are there any other intentional Ts you could suggest? Thank you.