Models about sister

Hi! I haven’t seen my sister in many years and last week she texted me asking if we could talk to catch up.

C: sister texts asking to catch up
T: we have nothing to talk about
F: resistance
A: avoid thinking about our upcoming scheduled chat, try to find an excuse to delay the phone call, put up walls, hold back sharing personal details about myself, try to end the call as quickly as possible
R: I create distance

When I asked myself who I wanted to be in my relationship with my sister, I landed on open and accepting. Here’s my intentional model

C: sister texts asking to catch up
T: I wonder how she’s doing
F: curious
A: ask her questions, talk openly with her, am present when talking to her, share more details about my life.
R: I learn about how she’s doing.

How do these models look (specifically the R line)? Thanks!