Models and 50% negative

Hi Brooke. It’s my first month in scholars and I love it so far!!

There is a circumstance and i am having a thought about it that makes me feel angry. I did a model and have a different thought that I like that makes me feel good and I like the result it brings me. So I was thinking I should stick with this new thought that will give me the result I want.

But then I re listened to the “problems are forever” podcast (which I love!) and you say that “We don’t put our problems into models to solve them. We put them into models to try to understand them.” And that we should expect and welcome 50% of our life involving negative feelings.

So I am wondering: should I sit with this angry feeling? I don’t like the result that being angry brings me. I would prefer my other thought/feeling combination. But then I wonder if I am glossing over the negative and trying to reduce the negative to below 50%. Thank you!