Models around receiving money – did I do this right?

Hi – I’m new to SCS and doing model work. I’d love some feedback to see if I’m doing this correctly. Thank you!

I’ve been working through the “Money” training under assets and had a huge aha moment. I realized that I have a problem around receiving money – it makes me feel embarrassed and I push the money away. I’d love some feedback on the existing and new models I came up with so that I can see if I’m doing this correctly. I want to change my thoughts around receiving money. The approach I took was to start with how I want to feel when receiving money (I want to feel joyful) and then what thought I need to think in order to feel this way. But I’m still not sure if I’m using the models correctly. Here they are:

Current Model

C: I receive money
T: Taking money deprives someone else (yup – full scarcity mindset!)
F: Awkward
A: I reject the money
R: My money situation remains the same

New Model

C: I receive money
T: By receiving this money the world has become a more abundant place
F: Joy
A: I accept the money with gratitude
R: I have more money!