models during the day – anger

Such a asshole

He just doesn’t show up

I want to be angry

C: Marc can’t come after all to our birthday party
T: Such an asshole. I want to make him regret it
F: Angry
A: Write him angry messages
R: ruin a friendship

C: Same
T: He didn’t make it on purpose. He wanted to be there.
F: Compassion
A: Organizing things for the party
R: Having a nice time with the people who come

C: Waiting 5 minutes in line to reach our support department
T: Wtf, are they doing so long???
F: Angry
A: Swearing
R: Being angry to others

C: Clients wants do know how he has to pay his credit card bill
T: How can someone not know that. You are so stupid
F: Angry
A: Saying disrespectful things to the client
R: Not being a good employee

So I made some models during the day and I noticed I have soooo much anger going on. omg…

It’s really hard to stop for me. I really noticed it this afternoon.

Like one small sentence and I explode.. and it’s gotten really bad.

But its like an addiction. It feels great to give in but the anger gets bigger and bigger…

And being nice to people takes so much from me. Its like one of those situation where you have to “give in”. Like apologizing after being stubborn.

It’s really hard.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can manage my anger.

Its not only in my job but also in my personal life.

If my bf does take too much time doing something I get angry. etc.

Very impatient and no compassion but if someone showed me like a sad story about the person I’m the most compassionate person ever.. haha

Help please!!