Models, follow-up to planning & accountability = results

Hi Brooke,

I’d like help with a second model/thought to help me persevere and keep taking action despite fear.

Unintentional Thought Pattern:
C: Dissertation
T: This is terrible, I will fail
F: Scared, embarrassed, self-loathing
A: Paralysis; procrastination; indulgence
R: Little/no writing done and will end in failure

Intentional Thought Pattern
C: Thoughts about fear/failure
T: This is just my primitive brain freaking out and trying to keep me in the cave
F: Awareness, control
A: Write, take action in spite of fear, thought download to manage mind
R: Words on paper, experience emotion

The positive is that I’m doing the work to manage my mind. I’m uncomfortable but as you’ve said (probably many times) being uncomfortable is the currency of evolving and going after my goals. I still need to find a thought model that gets to the result line for me: Submit draft to advisor. Here’s one that I’m working on:
C: Dissertation
Thought: I am ready for feed back
Feeling: Open, wiling to receive feedback/criticism
Action: Submit draft
Result: Receive feedback

I actually used this model to develop & submit this question. If I can’t fully believe the thought, is an appropriate bridge thought, I believe that it is possible for me to be ready for feedback?