Models following your coaching of me on the VIP call

Hi Brooke,
Jody didn’t have time to look at my models on the Model call, so here they are:
C Financial markets
T The way they work is twisted, bad and harmful
F Powerless
A Find more “evidence” “proving” what I’m already thinking
R Feel even more miserable

C Financial markets
T Like many things in life, they’re 50/50
F Accepting
A Do my job at the bank without feeling guilty or ashamed of “working for the big bad bankers”
R Happy at my job

I think in the intentional model, I’m mixing 2 models in one, because my result isn’t really “proving” my thought. I would really appreciate your help on that, because the truth is I really love many things about my job and I’m tired of feeling “torn” between my “ethics/values” and the fact that, for the most part, I like my job. I know that if I really clean up my thinking, I will go from good to stellar at this job!
Thanks 🙂