Models from negative fuel that get the result

Hey Coaches–I have a model that sees me Action the thing I’m wanting to do, but I don’t trust the Results completely because the Feeling fuel is negative.

C: I think “move towards discomfort” (Previous C = I have an urge to not go for my run)
T: Fine! I’ll do it then!
F: Surly/bratty
A: Get dressed, get things ready, Go for the run, dally a little, procrastinate a little but not so much that there is not time to complete the run, drag my feet a little
R: Do the thing

In the action line, I don’t continue to brat on myself or bitch or spiral with thoughts on why I’m doing the run, its more just like my brain has a little tantrum and then I do the thing, and my Pre-frontal cortex is like “Good, thank you” like a mother or Mary Poppins getting the child to do the thing. I have names for the voices in my head (haha! Aren’t we crazy!). This one that says “Fine! I’ll do it then” is the Bratty Brain. She often shows up to judge people and circumstances, she’s stroppy.

At the moment, this is how I’m getting the things done. Its not pretty, but I am getting the results like you do out of a stroppy tween trying to get them to clean their room. It’s painful and it takes longer but at least I’m doing it.

Is this the right result line? It sounds like a simple question, but how do I move out of this model and into a model that is not so stroppy? Bratty doesn’t want to go for a run because its hard to run, and I don’t blame her for not wanting to go for a run. I suppose I agree with her a little, I don’t find it easy to run.