Models on amazing experiences

I came to New York with my family to see a play that we have been planning for more than a year to do. It was absolutely amazing, transporting, one of the most perfect days ever. The way that I see the model for this day is the following:

C: day in NYC
T: I am going to have the most amazing experience today
F: anticipating, curious, present
A: I listened, enjoyed, experienced every little thing
R: I experienced the day as the most perfect day.

Is this available to me every day? When I think about the 50/50 of life, I find myself almost bracing for the bad after the good:

C: Day at home post trip
T: I just had the most amazing trip, and that was the amazing 50%, the negative 50% is about to head my way
F: dread, anxiety
A: live in fear, don’t show up
R: have a negative day

and to change this, would be:
C: day at home post trip
T: I am so grateful to have what I have, to work at what I do well, and to live in this AMAZING place
F: honored, privileged
A: I am patient, caring, curious, kind and care for others (which is my job)
R: I am present and show up, and am grateful and in awe to live the life I have

Are these models in alignment? Can you provide input?