Models on friend

Brooke, I am friendly with a woman who I hike with in the summer and see movies and have dinner with in the winter. She is bright, has an amazing aesthetic, and has diverse interests. On the other hand, our politics, and stance on women’s issues vary widely, and she is indecisive, and she complains a lot. I no longer let the indecision and complaining get to me, and I simply don’t acknowledge her when she starts with either.

We went to the movies and had dinner last night, and as is typical, she brought up an issue that she knows we see very differently. I think she enjoys needling me on these sorts of things. I allowed myself to be engaged, and it got to the point that I could feel myself getting angry, and showing that to some degree. I don’t like getting to that point. I woke this morning wondering to myself if I should stop getting together with this woman. I did my thought download and two models, and would like for you to take a look and coach me through this.
Thank you so much!

C- Friend
T- I don’t know if I can continue to be friendly with this woman.
F- Anger
A- I allow myself to get stirred up when she brings up topics that she knows we differ widely on. I get angry and I show it.
R- I continue to interact with her and often regret it.

T- She makes me crazy, yet I see and enjoy her good qualities
F- Conflicted
A- Implement firm boundaries on topics that are triggers for me.
R- Continue to hike and go to movies and dinner with her.