Models on Job Offer – CS

I’ve spent the last 11 months working as a fellow in a large organization and am nearing the end of my 1-year contract. About six months into the fellowship, I was approached by the host organization and asked to consider staying on in a permanent role based on how well they saw me performing (their words). Over the past 2 months we’ve begun discussing the details of what the permanent position would be including title, salary, and responsibilities. The final offer they’ve made, with five weeks left in my current contract, is $30,000 less than I anticipated based on their salary structure and my experience, and the title is significantly lower as well. During discussions the decision for both salary and title are attributed to a leadership committee that left the hiring manager with “no option to negotiate”. I’m having a hard time with this. I am not financially in a position where I can take a break between jobs. I don’t want to take a job that is less than I’m worth or poorly positions me for the next step after that job. I am also interpreting the low salary/title as a reflection of how much they value me, and I don’t want to work for an organization that doesn’t value my work. I’ve done model after model, and still can’t get to the point where I feel comfortable staying or walking away. Can you help me with my models below? Thanks!

C: Job offer
T: This is less than I want
F: Sadness
A: Use this offer to support my feelings of worthlessness
R: Accept a job that’s less than I’m worth

C: Job offer
T: I’m lucky they offered me anything
F: Relief
A: Take the job, struggle with impostor syndrome that I still got more than I deserve
R: Work really hard for an organization that doesn’t value me

C: Job offer
T: What a great opportunity to continue the work I’ve started!
F: Confident
A: Take the job, do it well, be happy
R: I do a great job

C: Job offer
T: Another organization will see my value
F: Excited for the next opportunity
A: Look for something else  How do I pay my bills in the meantime??
R: Find new people that I have to demonstrate my value to anyway

C: Job offer
T: This is a reflection of my value
F: Devastated
A: Avoid the pain, avoid working there, don’t try to prove myself, go anywhere else
R: Find new people that I have to demonstrate my value to anyway

C: Job offer
T: This is another opportunity to blow them away
F: Excited
A: Hit the ground running, make even more good stuff happen for the organization
R: I get the job done well?