Models on models

Looking for feedback on today’s models:

C- see an influencer post on Instagram about buying a $1,200 Christmas tree
T- that kind of life will never happen for me
F- depressed
A- realize that I’m thinking negative and blame myself and my negative thoughts for not having the life I want. Tell myself that others have figured out what I can’t seem to figure out. Judge myself for comparing myself to others.
R- I block myself from the kind of life I want

C- I think the thought “that kind of life will never happen for me”
T- my negative thoughts are the reason why I will never have that kind of life
F- despair
A- beat myself up for thinking negatively, stew on where I am going wrong, wonder if I should give up trying
R-I continue to create a negative world for myself

Intentional Model
C- my brain offers me a thought
T- I don’t have to believe what my brain is telling me
F- in control
A- do models and models on models, write to ask a coach, get curious on how I can create something different, notice my self judgment with curiosity, resist the urge to beat myself up
R- I create space for myself to believe new things