Models on Past relationship

Can you please help me with my models? I recently came across a picture of my ex- boyfriend with his family. I immediately began to indulge in the past…what would my life be like if I had not decided to end the long distance relationship of years. I resisted my thoughts and feelings of anger, jealousy, guilt…all while I tossed and turned in bed… I have been married for about 14 years and have step children and a biological child. I’ve learned to deal with my husband’s past in terms of children and ex-wife and wonder if all this has to do with these feelings of regret surfacing. I began allowing all my thoughts and feelings while doing some models…For example,
C: Ex-boyfriend
T: That could have been my life
F: Regret
A: Indulge in my past
R: Not present in my marriage/ present relationship

Intentional Model:

T: I’m thinking of my ex and that’s ok
F: Acceptance
A: acknowledge how we both have moved on— being grateful
R: Present in my marriage/ current relationship

Can you let me know how I did? I am grateful for this pop quiz life presented me with because it drilled the concept of allowing vs resisting… Just gotta love life!!

Thank you all for all you do!! Amazing work!!