Models on planning for work (NP)

I am in my 11th month of SCS and this month is my new favourite (funny like each month is somebody’s favourite! And how I can choose that each month will be my new favourite!). My purpose is : I want to learn and understand the world. It fits nicely with my personnal and professionnal life (learn about my body, my brain, my friends, my children…)
I had great success with weight loss: lost 60 pounds, reach my goal weight, had a successful maintenance summer (where as a European I discovered that in the US, you can have a salad with chicken anywhere, and ate tons of them) and I am on my way to a new goal weight 10 pounds lighter.
Now I have some work to do on my work, and I’d ike to submit my models for advice.

C work
T Once again, I will plan and not follow up
F Disappointed by myself
A Don’t plan
R Work not done, failing in advance before trying

C work
T I will plan my work everyday and do it no matter what
F Confident
A Plan and work
R work is done

But this model doesn’t seem believable (yet). I am trying a bridge model.

C Work
T I am going to teach my brain to plan and follow up on the plan
F Determined
A I take massive action, plan for the day, learn from my mistakes by doing models, identifying my thought and trying new ones
R I learn how to work how I want