models on rejection/shame

as a follow up to my question on describing what shame feels like, could you provide feedback on these models?

C: I received a note saying they’re going with another candidate
T: I must have behaved badly.
F: Rejected, shame.
A: beat myself, obsess about why, waste time stalking possible other candidate that got the job
R: I behave badly to myself

C: They said they’ll “keep me in mind for future opportunities.”
T: I hate hearing that. That’s polite-speak for the kiss of death. They’ll never get in touch.
F: Defeated, annoyed
A: Beat myself, waste energy shaming myself and being annoyed
R: I hate myself

T: I win big though, because the “rejection” turned into an opportunity to experience shame in my body in a way I’ve never done before.
F: happy, excited, motivated
A: feel my feelings, learn, move on
R: I win

T: It’s no big deal. It’s just one little job that wasn’t meant to be.
F: Peace, satisfied
A: Learn, move on, focus on other opportunities
R: It’s no big deal.

Shame, for me, often seems to stem from the thought that I must have behaved badly in some fundamental way. It feels very strong. Do I need to explore this further?

Thank you so much.