Models on retirement

Here are my two models unintentional and then the model I want to get to intentional. I sat with the first model and felt my feelings of overwhelm and after a while I decided to do an intentional model for me to see where I can go with this and not get overwhelmed in the future.

C filling out retirement forms
T This is overwhelming
F Overwhelm
A crying with confusion, Tried to clean out all the papers in the file that I don’t need and see the best way to organize them. Keep needing to go back and forth between hard copies, notes and different websites. Trying to learn to navigate on the website. Called the one office who is first to talk to and tell them I am overwhelmed. They made an appointment for me this afternoon at 2 pm to try to do this by phone. I will try to stop crying and “get organized” Keep getting thoughts that I have been going over this material for many many months and still do not retain or remember and understand details, what steps to take. I had organized and reorganized my papers and even made a calendar and checklist for months. Can not keep focused.
R I am hard on myself that this is something that takes time to understand and do.

Intentional Model

C filling out retirement forms
T Just take it step by step and keep reviewing frequently the process
F confident
A Keep reviewing frequently the process so I can retain what needs to be done when. Get help from the different departments so I can actually talk to some one who can help instead of me trying to read and figure it out. Continue to keep paperwork organized. Do not try to learn and remember everything as you have a process and organized system in place to refer to.
R Will successfully complete all the paperwork etc. for retirement this year.