Models on Success and Internal/External Wealth

Feedback please.

C – 2020 taxes AGI $32,000. Apt is a single, roaches live here.
T- I am not successful.
F- Ashamed
A- Downplay my accomplishments; Look at what I currently have as not good enough; Ignore my inner child; Act like Mom did during the AP chemistry report card incident; On SCS calls, lead with my insecurities; Ruminate in insecurities; Rehash every struggle I’ve had; Severely downplay my growth; Look for evidence of other people having material possessions and envy them; Show up to calendared actions with low full of doubt energy. Sulk; Self-pity; Isolate
R- I continually recreate the experience of feeling unsuccessful.

C – Coaching biz $0 since April; My single apartment; $1300 in bank account.
T – It’s about goddamn time I experience the material wealth.
F – Frustrated
A – Don’t take time to cultivate relationships with prospective clients; Take actions with alot of pushing energy; I make offers to people w/o connecting with them first; I forego seeing the person and put dollar signs on each contact; Obsess over how little the dial on my income has moved; Obsess over how much what I have is just not enough; Sulk; Burn myself out with anger and make myself tired so my energy levels are low when it’s time to show up for my actions; Stew in low vibration thoughts and energy; Don’t think of creative inspired ways to connect with people; Complain
R – I keep the material wealth at bay. I devalue my internal wealth.

C – 2020 taxes AGI $32,000. Paid all bills. Single apt no roommates.
A – Write regular self-acknowledgment appreciation did-wells; Write a gratitude digestion of all the ways I’ve transformed, learned, and grown since starting Scholars 2 months ago; Remind myself that I am now living a lifestyle I envied once; Remind myself how masterful I am over my internal wealth; Hyper focus on my internal wealth; Notice the ways I am successful – I no longer practice an eating disorder; I don’t buffer my scary biz actions; I follow thru on my time plan and course correct quickly; I created something that didn’t exist before and many people have paid me money for it.
R – I experience success internally. I prove to myself that I am already successful.