Models re: constraint to one goal

Unintentional model
C: Goal: run full marathon October 18, 2020.
T: I know I’m suppose to pick one goal, but there are so many other things I want to do in addition to running a marathon.
F: Overwhelm
A: Skip yoga on Sundays convincing myself this really isn’t doing that much toward reaching my goal.
Do short strength training sessions, or skip them completely.
Think about all the other things I want to do.
Beat myself up.
R: Less progress (none/limited increase in speed , strength, or endurance).
Negative thoughts of self.
Do everything half-assed or not at all.

Intentional Model
C: same as above
T: If you do Monday Hour One, scheduling and completing training first thing each day, you will validate to yourself that running this marathon is your number one goal and you will have the entire remainder of the day to do other things.
F: Relief (from overwhelm)/Pride/Freedom ( know I’m suppose to have only one here, so I’ll choose Relief)
A: Create a mantra of this thought and post around home until it becomes an entrenched belief.
Do MHO, scheduling exercise first thing in the morning.
Move journaling (Thought Download) and coffee after exercise in my morning practice. It is my favorite part of the day and now becomes the reward for working out.
R: Training gets done each day
I feel good about myself.
Let go of thoughts about when I am going to get my workout it. (I noticed this had become a habitual thought when I did my Friday workout in the morning but caught myself thinking about when I was going to do the workout and then having to remind myself I had already done it.)
Afternoons and evenings freed up to do the other things I claim I want to do.

I am practicing mastering the model and would like feedback on the Unintentional and Intentional models I did today. I would like feedback both from the perspective of if I have done the models correctly as well as any suggestions in regards to coaching myself (possibly offering another thought I could try).