My models seem wrong, can I get your opinion please?

Hi Brooke!

I did my first thought download + model of 2017 this morning as part of my morning routine and loved the process! But I think I did it wrong because it doesn’t seem like the R lines of either model prove the original thought. Can I get your opinion on where I went wrong?


C: n/a
T: My mom never stops talking
F: Annoyed, irritated, angry
A: Ignore her when she talks, be short with her
R: She continues to talk and I continue to be irritated and then feel guilty for how I act


C: n/a
T: My mom is lonely and excited that I am here (in Mexico, visiting her at her home)
F: Compassion
A: Be more patient and listen to my mom. Love her and be nice to her.
R: Enjoy my time with my mom

Thanks Brooke!