models to check

Hi Coaches, Could you please let me know if my models are correct? Thank you!

Models by default
C Leading a coaching session
T I am not good at it
F Sad
A I don’t ask many questions, I let my coaching peer talk a lot, I judge myself while talking. I have a deep and heavy vibration in my stomach. I check the time to hope it will end soon.
R I don’t lead the coaching session

C Leading a coaching session
T I am not sure I found the root of her problem
F Doubtful
A I don’t listen properly my peer coach and keep my mind full of question wheter I am doing it right or not with a closed and round vibration in my belly.
R I don’t find what is causing me doubt

Intentional models
C Leading a coaching session
T It’s part of the learning experience to make mistakes
F Confident
A I focus on what my peer is telling me and pick up the thout that is the most relevant for me
R I am willing to learn and to fail

C Leading a coaching session
T This session is a new opportunity to practice
F Curious
A I read all the materials, I coach my self and take a deep breathe before the session starts
R I practice on myself first