Modelthon Follow-Up – Feeling More Love | DMWC

Hi Brooke!

I was at the Modelthon and you coached me on the topic of love in my relationship – specifically I mentioned how I feel like I have a problem with feeling love, and you mentioned how I didn’t need to DO anything different, just focus on feeling more love. You also asked me something about what I think love is. That question has been sitting with me since, and I’m realizing my problem is not at all in my ability to feel love – I actually feel it all of the time. I think my problem is in my expectations about what love is or what love does, or perhaps what you do if you are “truly” feeling love. Lol. So it’s more like the feeling of love feels deadened or blocked, because I think I carry around a lot of guilt and shame around love. That I’m not “loving enough.” That if I “truly” loved someone, I’d be doing xyz. That love is supposed to look a certain way. And then I question if I really love people because the expected actions don’t happen or don’t happen enough or don’t happen naturally. It kind of circles back to an “I’m not enough.” story it seems. And I definitely see how I try to create love (and passion) through doing instead of through creating / experiencing the feeling first. Could you give me your thoughts on this? Could it be that my issue is merely needing to change my manual around what love is and what it feels like and what it does? Thanks much.