mom accused me wrong again!

My mom has been a teacher throughout her career for 28 years and she likes to criticize people a lot. She gets defensive when she is being criticized and often criticizes without learning the facts first.

This happened today again. She accused me for mis-placing a gift card that has a big amount in it. She said I took it and misplaced it. I said I didn’t. She said you must have taken it and misplaced it. She started to get angry and irritated and started to get frigity and angry. It turns out she was the one who misplaced it when she found the gift card in one of her drawers.

No matter how much I had to say to convince her, she wouldn’t believe me that she was the one who kept the gift card. She said words like “it’s impossible that I took it,” “I remember clearly you took the card from me and kept it.” Clearly, she realized she was in the wrong.

She never apologized to me during these types of situations and today she didn’t say anything to apologize to me. I know she will do it again in the future. I don’t need her to apologize but I need her to stop doing something like this to hurt me.

I have depression and anxiety myself. I started to feel resentful towards her because I believe she is the cause of my sufferings.