mom drama

Please help! Every once in a while I call my mom and she calls me back and we have a very nice conversation. During one of these conversations a few months ago she offered and was insistent on watching our three kids while my husband and I go help at a church youth retreat this weekend. We leave Thursday. I’ve texted and called my mom every day for several days to try and have another conversation to work out the details. There are many details involved such as pick ups, drop offs, where they are going which night since my sis in law is taking them one night. I just want to have one 5 minute phone call to iron it all out. My mom wants me to text it all to her. I responded with “its too much for a text, please call to discuss.” She didn’t call. I called her again a few hours after that and again every few hours today. My thoughts start to spiral at this point.
My thoughts
Its too stressful dealing with my mom
I can’t have my mom watch my kids, if a phone is too difficult for her then how can she handle this
She is soooo stubborn and hard to deal with!!!
I hate my mother!!!

I am smart enough to stop the spiral and do models. I can work on my thoughts and feel good about things.
The questions remains…
Should I still just drop my kids off? Should I text her all the details and just do it her way. I’m at a loss. Is it too much of a manual to expect to be able to have her call to discuss things.
Is there room for a boundary here? I’m just so tired of situations like these with my mom. I want her in my life and I know I can just love her how she is. But do I need to have thicker boundaries on what I commit to with her? The reality is that I don’t want situations like this anymore. My mom is making her choices and I can just find other people to watch kids or just not go in the future.