Mom Liver Scare/ Son ADHD

Hi, I have a lot of C’s going on in my life right now which are causing me to feel a lot of “quit” and heaviness.

My mother is getting a biopsy to determine if she has liver cancer, my business partner got diagnoses with business partner, my son got diagnosed with ADHD and I am arguing with my husband over how to treat him.

I feel overwhelmed and angry. I also feel depressed and not wanting to do any of the self care that I normally do like work out and eat healthy. I thought the first step would be to reach out here. I am aware of my emotions, I am trying to let them in, I realize that I am having a bunch of thought and there are some good ones in there that can serve me.

I am hoping to get some coaching on how to stay engaged with myself, coaching and my thoughts, and to find the willingness to do the things I know are beneficial to me. Any advice is appreciated.