mom relationship guilt (SR)

Hi Brooke,

I love my mom. I really do. But I find that she can drive me crazy and makes feel anxious even though she means well. She likes to control everything and me. She also likes to try to keep the family together (we’re all good but she stresses about relationships, etc.). I have been doing the work on my relationship with her but need some assistance on the model.

C: My mom
T: Always talks at me and doesn’t listen. She tries to control me/situation and provides her opinion even when I don’t want it.
F: Anxious
A: Avoid her, shut down, become passive
R: Creates a negative exchange between us, we grow further apart

C: My mom
T: She is 100% loveable just the way she is and is unique in her own way. She loves her family and wants to keep us connected
F: Loving
A: Listen, Boundaries
R: Love and enjoy my mom for who she is

Definitely need some assistance on the bridge thought for the current model – thank you!