Mom Relationship

My mom has a MLM business that I think is a total job. It is a scam product that is way over priced. She takes advantage of people at lower income levels and it frustrates me that she keeps with this company. Because of these thoughts our relationship has wanned. I want to feel connected. I do not want to talk about her business, and she does not really bring it up so it ok from that regard. But it is me, and my thought about her business getting in the way.
C: Mom sells a MLM product
T: She is so dumb, how can she believe in this product
F: Annoyed
A: Dismissive of her business
R: Disconnected

C: Mom sells a MLM product
T: ???? I am so lucky to have a mom that cares for her grandkids?
F: Love
A: Call her and talk about grandkids and hear about whatever she brings up?

I am not sure what thoughts I need to generate here to feel connected. I listed one thought above, does this work even if it is not related at all to her business? It is the only thing I can think I could think to generate a feeling of love or connection.