Mom supports my husband in every disagreement

My Mom was over at my house when my husband was making bread and started microwaving the honey. I asked him not to microwave the honey because it would lose nutrients. He said he was going to microwave it anyway because he wanted it ready faster. We disagreed about this a few rounds and then he did what he wanted.

My Mom said, “Way to go Mark – stand up to her!” My Mom has been doing this for years any time my husband disagrees and is always in support of him no matter what the disagreement is about. I feel like she wants to beat me down on purpose.

C. Mom says “Way to go Mark – stand up to her!” when my husband disagrees with me
T. My Mom wants to beat me down on purpose
F. unsupported (also hurt, angry)
A. I get angry with her, reinforce my story that she is not supportive of me
R. I don’t want Mom around, I avoid Mom